Fostering Relationships One Warranty Walk-through at a Time

The relationships that we build with our Homeowners continue well beyond the moment they get handed the keys to their new David Weekley home. As a part of our industry-leading, multi-level warranty, Homeowner Warranty Representatives conduct an all-encompassing warranty walk-through before Homeowners even close on their homes.

man wearing a David Weekley Homes shirt, standing in a kitchen writing on a piece of paper

During their walk-through, our Warranty Representatives go over a punch list of warranty-related items as a standard part of our quality assurance. Our Customer’s satisfaction with a world-class product is of the upmost importance – that’s the Weekley Way!

Lasting Relationships

After moving into your new David Weekley home, your dedicated Warranty Service Representative will meet with you to discuss what’s covered in your multi-level warranty. At this time, they will also walk you through our process to file a warranty claim, should you ever need to in the future.

From the moment you move into your new home, you can begin thinking of your Warranty Service Representative as your personal liaison, who will continue to be there to help answer questions and address concerns or issues that may arise. 

man wearing David Weekley Homes shirt and hard hat holding a David Weekley Homeowners Portfolio

We’ve Got Your Back

We provide multiple different ways to submit requests to our Warranty Department. provide multiple different ways to submit requests to our Warranty Department.

Homeowners can quickly and easily submit warranty requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Choose from speaking directly with your dedicated Warranty Service Representative or submitting a request directly through your David Weekley Homebuyer website. Our Homeowner Warranty Representatives are here to provide all the support necessary to preserve the longevity of your new home.