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Browse Communities with our Map Search

Find a new Floor Plan with our Home Search

Browse Communities with our Map Search

Find a new Floor Plan with our Home Search

2012 Brings New Design Trends

This year innovative design makes a big splash

In 2012, builders are offering new home
designs that use the same square footages in 
new ways! Here are five of the latest trends:

Excellent Exteriors

Home builders are saying good bye to “ho hum” home exteriors and offering exciting exteriors that invite you and guests in. Stone and brick, mixed materials like metal or tiled roofs, shaker detailing and designs inspired by those of yesterday are all emerging in 2012. This year home builders want you to stop and say “wow!”

Formerly Informal

When asked, most families will tell you that the Formal Dining Room is only used for special occasions, while the rest of the time it sits vacant. Today, builders are offering single-dining home designs that remove the largely untouched Formal Dining Room, and reinvest this newly available space back into the home.

Suburban Villages

Today, builders are offering more than just a spot on the map. Working together, home builders and developers are creating pedestrian-friendly, master-planned communities that feature restaurants, stores, parks and other amenities within the community. Now, a trip to the store or a quick bite to eat doesn’t require a car, just your sneakers!

Dual Suites

College kids coming home, mother-in-law moving in, or Grandma and Grandpa in for a long weekend – there are a number of reasons one might need a second Owner’s Retreat. And today, many home builders are offering them.

The Great Outdoors

Enjoying your backyard is easier than ever, with many builders offering outdoor amenities like fire pits or chimneys, water features and outdoor kitchens with grills, gas burners, chillers, roasters, refrigerators, sinks that rival the best indoor kitchens.

Today’s Homebuyer is focused on a home that gives more – more usable space and more amenities nearby. These new trends deliver that and much, much more!

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