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Browse Communities with our Map Search

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Browse Communities with our Map Search

Find a new Floor Plan with our Home Search

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More Than a Coat of Paint

Furniture rehab can take many different forms. From a quick refresh to a total remake, here are some ideas to consider before you spend money on new furniture.


Good quality furniture in a classic style is timeless. However, over the years even good furniture needs some TLC to stay gorgeous. A good sanding and re-staining can give new life to furniture made of wood. If there is broken glass or a damaged mirror, these materials are actually fairly inexpensive to replace. Chairs with fabric seats can often be recovered. Lost or broken drawer pulls can be replaced for a renewed look. Remember, old can still be gorgeous!


Some pieces need more help that others to be great again. Say you need more storage in your bedroom, but the hand-me-down dresser in your garage is just plain ugly. A good sanding and a fresh coat of glossy paint might be just the trick. Be bold with color, or keep it in a classic shade, which could also look great with adding a stenciling or freehand painting. Be creative because other finishes on your piece like decoupage, wallpaper, tile, fabric or mirrored surfaces can make tired furniture look interesting.

Repurpose and Reimagine

Get creative and find completely new uses for old furniture. For example, an old nightstand or dated end table with the bottom drawer removed can make the perfect pet bed. Old drawers can be repurposed as handy under-bed storage by just adding casters to them. Armoires for large TVs (now obsolete thanks to flat screens) can be renovated to store kids’ toys, a wine collection or even a home office workspace. Try to forget what a piece of furniture used to be, and envision how it can be reimaged to fit your personal needs and style!

So don’t give up on your older pieces just yet. Breathing new life into your furniture is easier than you think with one of these simple – and fun – tips!

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