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Browse Communities with our Map Search

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Springtime Fun Brings the Family Together!

Spring seems to be the season when everyone gets in the mood to clean, decorate, redecorate and organize the things in their life – including their home! Here are a few D-I-Y projects you can do with the family to add a little pizzazz to your home…

Craft Supplies

“Great Balls of Fabric” Wreath

Here’s a great wreath project you can make to hang on the front door or anywhere in the house!

- 14″ foam wreath
- Dozens of foam balls, different sizes
- Fabric – 1/3 yard of several different prints of your choice
- Fabric glue
- Paintbrush (for glue)
- Hot glue gun

And, here’s how you make it:
Cut strips of one color fabric about one- to-two inches wide (and long enough to wrap around the wreath), glue them onto the wreath using fabric glue, until the whole wreath is covered in fabric. Next, cut or tear one-inch wide strips (length depends on the size of the balls) of the remaining fabric to cover the foam balls. Spread glue along the strip of fabric and spread it evenly with a paintbrush. Wrap each strip around a foam ball until the ball is covered. Repeat until all the balls are covered and you have the desired amount for your wreath. Using your hot glue gun, glue the fabric-wrapped foam balls onto the wreath in any order. You can start with the larger ones and then fill in with the smaller ones.
Voila! Now you have a wreath worthy of hanging inside or out!

SCRABBLE® Coasters
Chances are you probably have an old game of SCRABBLE floating around somewhere in your house! Why not repurpose those SCRABBLE block letters and make fun coasters. The kids will love this project, too!

SCRABBLE letters
Wood glue
Felt (for backside of coasters)
Mod Podge clear sealant
Paintbrush (for sealant)

How to make the coasters:
First, make as many four-letter (preferably appropriate words!) words as you can using your SCRABBLE letters. Each coaster will contain 36 letters/squares, so plan accordingly! You can even make word groups that go together for each coaster. For example, combine words like SALT, LIME, STIR, ICED for one coaster! Once you have words laid out, glue each side together with the wood glue and let dry. After the coaster has dried, place on a piece of felt, trace and cut it out. (You may want to trim the felt a little smaller than the actual coaster.) Glue the felt onto the back of the coaster, and let dry. Using Mod Podge clear sealant, cover the top of the coaster to protect the wooden letters.

This is a great project that can be as educational as it is fun for everyone!

Stay tuned for more D-I-Y projects from David Weekley Homes!

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