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Browse Communities with our Map Search

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Our Customers Speak Out


The Romero Family

Dear Mr. Weekley,

We bought our home last November. Our sales consultant, Leigh Nevers, was extremely friendly, honest, and very trustworthy. She was not pushy at all and ensured that we would have a great experience knowing that our last home buying experience was a nightmare. Leigh is a valuable asset to your company. We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of our home. We just had some one-year warranty work completed and had the most pleasant experience. Jim Flahgerty (construction manager) went above and beyond to ensure that we had our warranty work completed in two days. He ensured that all work performed was to our satisfaction. At one time, I saw seven different contractors completing work! Great project management skills displayed by Jim. In summary, I highly recommend David Weekley Homes. I would go through this experience all over again.

Michael and Renee Romero
Chicago, Illinois

The Bowlin Family

Dear Mr. Weekley,

I am a true believer that your "Green is Good" build concept is true. Last month with the extreme cold I was thrilled to have my gas bill at $123, electric use at $48 (I do average so am billed more) and water at $55. All that being said, I had all utilities plus my cable bill for right at $275. I was so afraid of larger utility bills when I purchased, but now I understand how much more energy efficient a new build is.

I also want to compliment the Team at The Enclave at Warick for easing my fears about protecting my home when the "big freeze" approached. Katrice at David Weekley Homes checked with our Builder to see if anything special needed to be done. Our Builder was still on property checking the spec homes and stopped by to show me how to turn off the outside hose bibs, open the faucets and put the foam covers back on. I actually had been shown this at closing but had forgotten. I appreciate this extra help and assurance that my home was built to withstand the approaching weather. Needless to say, I did not have one problem with anything freezing and stayed very comfortable.

The Bowlin Family
Dallas, Texas

The Benkowtiz Family

Dear Mr. Weekley,

After working with your staff for over a year and living in one of your homes, we feel like we know you. We are writing to let you know how pleased and impressed we have been with our Sales Consultant, Erika, and our Builder, Mike. Erika was most helpful in the process to find the closest floor plan to what we wanted, and to help us through the process to make the changes we needed.

The building stage only got better. We do not recall a time when Mike said "no" to any little changes we wanted as we progressed through the various building stages. The weekly calls with Erika and Mike were a great way for us to share what we saw over the weekend and for Mike to let us know what would be happening the coming week.

The end result is a beautiful home. Thank you for the opportunity to work with these two wonderful representatives of David Weekley Homes. They are professionals in every sense of the word.

The Benkowtiz Family
McKinney, Texas

The Seaman Family

Dear Mr. Weekley,

I wanted to let you know it has been a pleasure to work with my Warranty Manager. She has been most helpful in arranging to have warranty work completed accurately and in a timely fashion. She always shows up with a smile on her face and a cheery attitude. It is evident that she genuinely cares about my family and our concerns.

You are so fortunate to have her represent the public face of David Weekley Homes in a manner that reflects most favorably on your company. It seems like good Customer Service is such a lost art these days and it is nice to know that there are companies who still uphold this level of care to their buyers.

I have and will continue to recommend David Weekley Homes to my friends, family and random passers-by.

The Seaman Family
Spring, Texas

Grant Kwan

Dear Mr. Weekley,

I would like to commend the Warranty Manager for her outstanding attitude, professionalism and Customer Service during my warranty service experience. She was always very helpful and informative. She provided answers and responded in a timely manner whenever warranty service was requested. Needless to say, I’m very pleased with David Weekley Homes because of Janelle.

I own three David Weekley homes and Janelle has provided me with excellent warranty service for all three of them. Because of my extensive travel, I am not always able to be at home to wait for service to arrive, making it hard for me to schedule appointments after I call. She has been patient and has worked with me time after time to reschedule appointments to ensure the work gets accomplished.

Once again, I would like to thank her for her great work ethic.

Grant Kwan
The Woodlands, Texas

The Brown Family

We have recently moved into our new home and want to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are. The home was finished on time and on budget. Both our Builder and Sales Consultant were organized, efficient and responded to our questions promptly. We would certainly have David Weekley build us another house and would not hesitate to highly recommend your company to others.

The Lusk Family

We have found that working with David Weekley this past year has been a very positive experience. The quality of our home and the level of servicing have been outstanding; David Weekley has raised the bar considerably with regards as to what we can expect from a builder. You certainly have built a reputation that is well deserved.

The Soeldner Family

We would like to compliment you on our beautiful new home. I can hardly believe that we are almost upon our one year anniversary of owning this property. It has truly been home! I will say that I just recently showed our home to a friend who may move here soon, and she said that this home was the most beautiful home she'd seen on her tour of homes with a Real Estate Professional.

The Scott Family

It is not everyday that you find a Sales Consultant and a new home builder whom you can really trust. On more than one occasion they have gone the extra mile to ensure that every detail was in order even after the close. That is what has impressed me the most, as you do not expect to continue the relationship after closing the home. I have recommended David Weekley Homes to others just because of the Customer Service and the representation that they have shown us. They are not just sales persons/contractors working for the company, but they believe in the product and so do I. We are already in the process of deciding upon our next David Weekley home.

The Acosta Family

We have been extremely happy with the entire process since the day we decided that we were going to purchase a home. Your entire staff excels in Customer Service and is always ready and willing to take on the task of making sure we're happy in our new home. Thank you for your wonderful staff and allowing our first-time home buyer experience to be a pleasant one.

The Alakayis

Our experience with David Weekley Homes has been a great one. From the time we met our Sales Consultant and started building our home to the time we finally closed and moved in, all of the people who we worked with were kind, professional and very easy to work with. They always exceeded our expectations and were always quick to answer any questions or address any concerns we had all through our building process. We know we have a lovely home because our friends and family are always pointing it out to us whenever they visit. A lot of hard work went into making sure we got the home we desired and we are grateful that we chose your company to build it. You have great employees.

Scott and Danna Crowder

This is my first house and I was very nervous about the building process. However, I soon realized that my fears were unfounded. We were well taken care of every step of the way. David Weekley Homes showed us, especially me, that home building does not have to be a nerve-wracking process. It can be a very simple, wonderful transition into an amazing new home. Thank you for making this a wonderful process and for building us a beautiful, well-constructed home.

The Benjamins

Over the last 12 months, Weekley has exceeded my expectations. They have delivered value, quality service and excellence. From sales to Customer Service, Weekley has earned my respect. I would refer both my sons and friends to buy a Weekley home. Thanks for making my dreams become reality. I am a very happy Homeowner and continue to enjoy my new home with peace of mind.

Karla Tacey

My husband received word that he was being sent to Iraq. Part of his preparation included looking for a home near our daughter and her husband. I was going to have to get the house built and move in by myself. My Sales Consultant and Builder came to the rescue. They worked overtime getting the house built as quickly as possible. I felt it was important to let you know your crew did a wonderful job and gave my G.I. Joe one less thing to worry about. I have yellow ribbons on my tree and mailbox but I feel I need a sign that says David Weekley Homes did their part to support our troops!

The Zorros

I am sure you are aware you have a done an excellent job of creating a company whose name is synonymous with quality. It was that reputation that initially convinced my wife and me to tour some of your homes. Once inside I was immediately impressed with the design elements that are present in each of your homes. Each home we viewed, regardless of the price-point, had a sense of welcoming and seemed to use the available square footage in the most effective manner. A company can only be as good as the people it employs. It is clear to see why David Weekley Homes has risen to such great heights.

The Mitchells

My wife and I built a David Weekley home, and in short, this process was awesome. There are several quotations from the Team who built our dream home that you should be aware of: "If you're not having fun, we're not doing something right," "You're going to live here, so I am going to build it your way." With that approach to building our home, how could we not be thrilled? The buyer website is a great idea. The telephone calls and email messages add to the richness of this experience. It is unlike anything I had expected.

The Boulineau Family

As Sales Manager for Cambria Quartz Countertops, I deal with builders on a daily basis and have witnessed some of the unpleasantries others experience in the building process. The quality and attention given to us, as well as our home, has been outstanding.

The Youngs

My husband and I have just moved into our new home and we could not be more pleased with the entire process from beginning to end. Please convey our appreciation to everyone involved for a job well done. I would also commend David Weekley Homes for a perfect home building process. This was by far the best experience we have ever had. We send our warm regards and wish all of you continued success with your other Clients.

The Hughes Family

Overall, building our home has been a very rewarding experience. We have, encouraged all of our friends who are in the market to buy a new home to consider a David Weekley home. Our Sales Consultant, Builder and Design Consultant are largely responsible for this experience and should be commended for their efforts.

Brad Wilson and Doni Shinn

We wanted to take a few minutes to write and let you know how happy we were with our experience of purchasing a Weekley home. We have enjoyed our new home tremendously. When people ask about our house, we proudly tell them it is a David Weekley home and highly recommend your company. Should we decide to move in the future, we would definitely consider another David Weekley home. Thank you again for making our home buying experience a pleasurable one.

The Cox Family

Richard and I could not be more pleased with our choice of builder. The task of deciding to build a home is not an easy one. However, by choosing David Weekley, the entire process was simplified. Living three hours away, I can honestly say that I could not have done anything differently. I thank you and the staff of David Weekley Homes for a fantastic home building experience.

The Planos Family

The Planos Family

It is now just past one year since my family and I moved into our David Weekley home. I had been tempted on several occasions to write to let you know how pleased we were with the whole process, but decided it was best to wait a year to see if your company and the people we dealt with lived up to their commitments through the warranty period.

I am pleased to say the whole experience from the buying through the warranty period exceeded our expectations. To conclude, we are very happy in our David Weekley home and, thanks to the people we worked with, we would recommend your company to anyone interested in a new home.

Michael Martin

I would like to thank you for my excellent home buying experience. My David Weekly home is the ninth home I have owned and my first David Weekley home. I have significant experience to compare David Weekley Homes to. I WILL ONLY BUY FROM DAVID WEEKLEY HOMES IN THE FUTURE!

Your company and personnel are a model for corporate excellence. Your people are given responsibility, authority, and accountability, and it clearly comes through during the process you have designed. The processes and procedures are very well thought out.

The Fullen Family

How do we love our David Weekley Home? Let me count the ways: the exquisite mouldings, the open architecture, the gorgeous columns, the massive gourmet kitchen, the bay windows, the number of windows that light up the entire house, the vaulted ceilings, the graceful arches, the open Retreat, the ridiculously large closets, the majestic marble fireplace with gas log set, the gorgeous Moen plumbing fixtures, etc. The list goes on and on. Above all, we have been most pleased with David Weekley's willingness to realize the vision of our dream house. Whenever we made a request, it was met by your Team with a "can do" attitude which was very positive, but also realistic.

Macy and Michael Lenox

Not only was our home completed with great craftsmanship and quality, it was completed a month ahead of schedule. We have heard numerous horror stories from friends and colleagues that have built homes over the years. Thank you for the wonderful new home.

Kenny and Cheri Williams

We have now lived in our home for six months. Building from scratch was a new process for us. Our Sales Consultant would place biweekly digital photographs on the David Weekley buyer website so we could periodically view the building process. Cheri and I made the right decision in choosing a David Weekley home. We have spent many weekends driving through other similarly priced housing areas, including visiting their model homes and we have absolutely no regrets. For our price range, we ended up in a great subdivision, with the best Sales Consultant and best Builder imaginable.

Joseph Rohrbach and Scott Almond

Our experience in building our new home in was truly exceptional. We wish to congratulate you and your team on a job very well done. From start to finish, construction was handled in the utmost professional manner by good people who deserve congratulations. We are thrilled to now be living in a home that brings us so much joy. We will go out of our way to recommend your homes to anyone.

The Garber Family

We wanted to take the time to write a brief letter to let David Weekley know what an exceptional experience we had buying our first home. We have never built a home before, but we knew from talking to other buyers that our experience was not the industry standard. We would recommend David Weekley to any prospective homebuyer. In fact, we have already. We shared our positive experience with co-workers and friends.

The Loggins Family

I had to write to let you know how pleased I am with my new David Weekley home. I moved into my home at the end of January and have had the most wonderful experience with the whole process. This is the third new home that I have had built and by far your company has been the most professional that I have dealt with. The home is also of better quality compared to other homes. I will tell you that I will recommend David Weekley Homes to anyone who asks.

The Murphy Family

We own a David Weekley home and we absolutely love our home. Family and friends who visit all make the same comment of a quality built home. We are so very happy here and appreciate your commitment to quality workmanship and Customer Service. If we need to move in the future you can be assured we will build another Weekley.

Joe Ganely

I am living in my second David Weekley home, and I'm building my third! I have been very impressed with your company.

John and Martha Sweeney

In January, we experienced a bathtub related plumbing malfunction. I called David Weekley Homes, and I believe having the Weekley name behind my call for service saved us a very expensive ordeal. That is not the only time that your staff has come to our aid. Last summer an alligator left a dried-out pond and came to our pool fence seeking water. Two of your staff assisted the police in keeping the alligator confined until the Fish and Game person arrived to take the gator away. David Weekley Homes is still number one in our book.

Scott Ruger

I am writing this letter to let you know how happy I am with the home I purchased. I was your first homebuyer at this development. I am also a Real Estate Professional for RE/MAX. I have since sold another David Weekley home, and I am working on selling a third home in this community. You have some outstanding Team Members here. I am very pleased with my David Weekley home, and will recommend your homes to family, friends, as well as Clients I am working with.

Larry and Diane Lipton

A couple of weeks ago I closed on my new home. The experience has been a particularly good one and I sincerely appreciate the outstanding associates who have been involved in making everything coming together so beautifully. People often speak of the horror of building a new home and the stress that "always" accompanies such a project. I must say that this has not been stressful and a significant amount of the credit goes to my Sales Consultant.

Todd and Shelly Hartsell

Our Sales Consultant and Builder were both unbelievable in their dedication to the building of our house. During this time, my wife and I were in a very serious auto accident that left my wife in a wheelchair and me on crutches. As you can imagine, when you’ve been dreaming of a house for over a year, a tragic moment such as the wreck can cloud your joy. Our Sales Consultant and Builder never let this happen. They even went so far as to help us arrange an Easter celebration at our new house. And, by the way, even though we still have crutches, wheelchairs and tons of insurance people in our lives, we love our house!

Carol Tyson

Our Warranty Service Representative is exceptional and so is the rest of the Team. Everyone has been just terrific. Because of these wonderful and dedicated people, I would definitely purchase another David Weekley home.

Joseph and Glenna Yao

We all hear horror stories about building a new home, but the building process at David Weekley Homes was fun. The builder never "over-promised." We knew what was going on with our home every week. And, the David Weekley Homes Design Center had everything I wanted to make my home perfect. But the greatest thing of all was the home was finished on time.

Michael and Jessica Cavazos

It must have taken us over two years to finally decide on our community. Throughout that period we kept visiting your model home and your Sales Consultant continued to welcome us. She was always friendly and kept us well informed of various promotions. We are very pleased with the final finish to our new home. Although our home is complete and very solid, our Builder continues to work closely with us and responds promptly to our calls.

Bill and Julie Lourcey

When we decided to build, we heard all the warnings: "You'll be arguing with the Builder," "nothing will be right" and the popular "building a house puts a lot of stress on a marriage." We are pleased to tell you that none of these things were issues thanks to the wonderful people we dealt with. I have always been told you can judge a business owner by the people who work for him. If this is true you are OK in my book.

The Fountain Family

One day I told our Warranty Service Representative I was concerned about the amount of weeds in the sod. A few days later, I came home to find that he had been in my yard picking weeds that morning. He wanted us to be 100% satisfied with our home. I told some friends about our experience and especially how we were taken care of after the closing – they bought a Weekley home.

Vance and Linda Kibler

I am in sales and as you probably know, folks in the business of sales can be the worst Customers. I dreaded going to various developments as their sales staff were pushy and were there for the sale, not for our benefit. Our Weekley Sales Consultant put us at ease and discussed all the benefits and potential pitfalls of building… a very relaxing discussion, not a sales pitch. Thanks for a great home that we are very delighted with.

Harold and Judy Morris

From the minute we walked into the model, our Sales Consultant paid us his undivided attention. We were really “just looking,” but he was perceptive enough to mention to us a government loan program that offered a low interest rate. This is what allowed us to get our house. We have a beautiful home with the best view in the neighborhood.

Eric and Linda Mosley

We will always have a special relationship with David Weekley Homes. This was our dream house and, on top of that, it is very functional. The building process was easy. And, the standard selections were first class. The Builder and Sales Consultant always worked with us as a Team. It felt like dealing with family. If we ever build a larger home, it will definitely be a David Weekley home.

Melvina and Roy Ford

We are the happy owners of a new David Weekley home in Colorado. This is the third new home we have owned in our 48 years together. Knowing this one would be our last, we wanted it to be extra special and it certainly has been for several reasons. The two most important of those reasons are our Sales Consultant and our Builder who represent David Weekley Homes in a most professional manner.

Robert and Tia Artisst

Throughout our 13-year marriage, we've always dreamed of having a home with a water and golf course view. David Weekley Homes helped us to realize our dream could come true. Now we look forward to coming home to our sanctuary every day. Life is awesome. We have fantastic neighbors to top it off. The David Weekley staff was outstanding from the first visit all the way to the New Home Center where we made our selections. We would definitely recommend David Weekley Homes.

Don, Ivy and Laura Belles

We cannot tell you how happy we have been with our David Weekley home. We looked at several builders in the area, but David Weekley had the floor plan we wanted. As out-of-town buyers, we were skeptical to build, knowing we could not check on our home on a regular basis, but we received updated telephone calls from our Builder and Sales Consultant every week. We would definitely recommend a David Weekley home to anyone considering buying a home.

Jeff and Charisse Barry

David Weekley made building our first home a pleasurable experience. All of the staff (the Builder, Sales Consultant and Design Consultant) were very helpful during the entire process. There were many things we did not know or understand as first time buyers, but David Weekley had the answers before we thought to ask. The Homeowner Portfolio gave us helpful information on the steps of the home building process and the order in which they were to take place. Our Builder followed the process to the letter and if there were any problems, we were the first to know. As a result of the process, our house was completed on time and we have never been happier. We have been in our house for over four months and our Builder continues to check up on us from time to time. We would definitely recommend a David Weekley home.

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