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Browse Communities with our Map Search

Find a new Floor Plan with our Home Search

Browse Communities with our Map Search

Find a new Floor Plan with our Home Search


Welcome to the Refreshed Web Site!

Starting on June 9th, our web site will have a new, refreshed look! What kind of changes are in store for Read on to find out!

1. Better Web Responsiveness on Mobile Devices

What is "responsivess"? Web Responsiveness is the ability for a web site to adjust depending on the device that it is viewed on. Look at the image above and you'll notice our web site adjusts text and images to the optimal size no matter if it is being viewed on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. More people visit our web site from mobile devices than desktop computers and laptops so making sure our site looks its best from a phone is really important these days.

2. Bigger, Better Images


The blue navigation bar that used to be on the left hand side has been removed to allow a lot more room for bigger, better photos. This also means a lot more room for the map with the community locations. The map does a really cool new trick now. It automatically sizes to make sure ALL of the communities we build in display on the map.

The bigger, better photos are on the community pages too. All community images and videos will appear at the top of the page with the new design. If your community has any videos loaded to it, they will pop up first at the top of the screen. 


3. Better Layout of the Community Pages

All of the information that was on your community pages is still there. We're using larger text and icons to help our customers navigate around the site. The Community Features link is right up near the community name as well as one of the large featured icons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the IA banner with the local and 800 numbers?

The IA banner has been moved to the bottom of the screen. As our web visitors scroll up and down, the IA information will be anchored at the bottom left corner.




Clicking on the IA photo will bring up a window with the phone number and a link to contact the IA by email. For those markets that offer LiveChat, the link will be in this section as well.

2. We used to have market and community promotions featured on the left side of the screen. Are those promotions still on the site?

Yes. Any promotions that we featured on the web are still there, just in a different location. Right after the map or large photos on a market or community page, a tab labeled "Market Promos & Offers" will appear if there are any active promotions.

Clicking on this tab will reveal any active promotions. Clicking on the title or "Learn More" text will take the visitor to a page with promotion details.

3. How do I get around the site without the side navigation bar?

All pages on our site can be accessed from the navigation bar near the top of the screen just like in our old site.

4. We used to have a field that we could use to search for plans by typing in the plan name or number. Where is that located now?

The Plan Lookup tool is still there. On all market pages, a tab labeled "Plan Lookup" is right next to the Home Search tab. This will be under the large map that appears on all market pages. Click on the Plan Lookup tab to search for plans within your market.

5. Do I need to change the way I upload showcase home photos?

Nope! The new web site does not require any changes to how you upload showcase photos or request web changes.

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