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Browse Communities with our Map Search

Find a new Floor Plan with our Home Search

Browse Communities with our Map Search

Find a new Floor Plan with our Home Search

The Art of Homesite Selection

Encore Living

A well-chosen homesite will complement your floor plan and enhance your new, vibrant lifestyle. We can help you find the ideal spot for your Encore home.

Homesites Complement Floor Plans

Perhaps you have already begun to dream of living in your new home. When you imagine sipping your morning coffee, what do you see? Light streaming through your kitchen window? Relaxing on your cool, shaded Outdoor Living Area with song birds cheerily chirping in trees next to your home?

We can help you plan for that with a homesite that gets the proper amount of morning sun and window placement for the most morning light.

As the day progresses, which windows should provide the most light?

Imagine grilling burgers for family and friends as the sun begins to set one splendid evening. Where is the sun in relation to the party? Will trees provide enough shade?

Answers to questions like these will help you determine the orientation that is just right for your home and the ideal conditions for your landscape.

The Right Location Can Reduce Stress

If you have small grandchildren or pets, perhaps a homesite on a cul-de-sac is the right choice for you. Cul-de-sacs are usually tucked deep into the community and have less traffic than a through street.

If you have a driving routine – for example, frequent outings to work or the golf course – you may prefer to be on a through street that allows you to enter and exit the community quickly.

Do you have friends who have already moved into the community or does your family live nearby? If so, you will surely want a homesite that gives you easy access to your loved ones.

Thinking about your day-to-day routine will help you to find a great location within the Encore community.

How Much Elbow Room Do You Need?

Think of how much space your lifestyle demands. If you’re dreaming of extra space for puttering or playing, you might want to consider a corner location or a larger homesite. Perhaps you plan to build a pool or host badminton tournaments in your backyard. In that case, the triangular shape of a cul-de-sac site might be the right choice. These homesites offer a larger backyard ideal for entertaining with a smaller footprint in front.

If spending time in the yard isn’t that important, look for a smaller, low-maintenance homesite. As a reminder, lawn care is included at Encore.

A smaller homesite may influence your floorplan options.

The final step is simply to drive through the community at various times of day to find homesites with the orientation, size, horticulture conditions and traffic patterns that will provide the lifestyle of your dreams.

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