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Browse Communities with our Map Search

Find a new Floor Plan with our Home Search

Browse Communities with our Map Search

Find a new Floor Plan with our Home Search

Great Expectations: What to Look For

Great ExpectationsDavid Weekley Homes has a unique process when it comes to homebuilding. We strive for excellence, quality and most importantly, Customer Satisfaction. Your satisfaction begins with the proper expectations for your homebuilding experience. Everyone experiences highs and lows during the construction process. With realistic expectations, you will enjoy the process a lot more. Here are some hints of what to expect or look for during construction:


1.   Stay flexible and keep your move-in date adjustable.

Building a home is a complex process. It happens outdoors, usually over a period of five to ten months, with crews and materials arriving on-site as needed. There are literally thousands of things that must happen in a given order with meticulous inspections along the way. This means there are thousands of things that can go wrong, from material shortages to weather events. This is not the time to paint yourself into a corner with your time schedule. Keeping a flexible move-in date is important.

2.   Consider your home placement.

Do you know which direction your home faces? Where will the sun rise and set? These are all important questions to take into account when choosing your home placement. What are your views? A slight variation in the placement of your home can make a world of difference.

Construction Process3.   Look for a well-defined construction process.

You should receive an outline of what to expect at various stages of construction, as well as scheduled meetings with your builder. Prior to breaking ground, your builder should go over all your selections, options and any other last-minute changes. Using a three-ring binder to keep all the construction information for your home in one place is a smart idea. 

Visit the construction site

4.    Visit the construction site often to monitor progress.

If you see something that looks out of place or wrong, contact your builder immediately.

5.   Do pay close attention to the finishing detail.

Compare the finishes in your home to those in the model home. You have the right to expect the same level of quality.

6.   Don’t be overly concerned if you see little or no activity some days.

It’s normal for there to be gaps in construction activity. Among other things,inspections have to be scheduled and weather can cause delays.

The construction process will find you on a roller coaster of emotions. Just try to remember that this gamut of emotions from elation to frustration is a normal part of homebuilding; everyone goes through it to some degree. Your experience will depend largely on how well your expectations are met.


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