Benefits of Our EnergySaver Homes

We know that a home purchase is a big investment.

That’s why our David Weekley EnergySaver™ Homes are built to provide peace of mind by incorporating the latest energy-efficient building techniques and materials into the construction of our homes. In addition to shrinking our carbon footprint, these practices save on energy usage, too. And, when you’re spending less on heating and cooling costs, you’ll have more discretionary money available to buy the home you really want. That’s a win-win!

From the low-E windows we install to the formaldehyde-free insulation and fresh air ventilation system, our home building process incorporates a variety of measures to create a healthy home for you and your family. By minimizing air leakage with a home that’s built tighter, you’ll also live more comfortably inside your home. This includes benefits like a quieter home by minimizing outside noise thanks to high-performance walls that allow for more insulation and more balanced temperatures from room to room with a right-sized HVAC system and use of air pressure balancing.

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Building The Future Today with David Weekley’s EnergySaver Homes

At David Weekley Homes, we build EnergySaver™ Homes that use the latest in energy-efficient building techniques to ensure your home – your investment – provides peace of mind in three key areas for years to come.


Energy Savings

If you’re deciding between a new or resale home, consider this: a “typical” new home is 30 percent more energy efficient1 than a home built as recently as five years ago.

The average U.S. household spends about $2,000 on utilities each year – with nearly half going to heating and cooling costs2. Pocket more than $600 in savings per year with your new David Weekley EnergySaver home and enjoy these benefits:

  • More discretionary money available to buy the home you really want with more space or more design options
  • Better resale value as studies conducted have consistently shown that energy-efficient homes earn a higher resale price than average homes3
  • Lower cost to own per month, allowing you to purchase more home for your money
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Healthy Home, Healthy Family

A tighter, more energy-efficient home isn’t just better for your wallet; it’s also better for you and your family with these great features:

  • Fresh air system, combined with high-efficiency filters, reduces odors and contaminants so you can breathe easier
  • Low and zero VOC paint, carpet and wood products that minimize the amount of harmful pollutants released into the air which improves your indoor air quality
  • Cement-based products, which are used on shower and tub walls, are resistant to rot and mold
  • Keep the hot air out and the cold air in by minimizing air leakage through advanced air sealing techniques in the walls, which reduces the amount of energy required to operate your home
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Comfort and Durability

A home that’s built tighter and more energy efficient is also one that offers more comfort and durability:

  • Temperatures are more balanced from room to room through the use of jump ducts and air pressure balancing
  • Right-sized HVAC air conditioning takes advantage of the EnergySaver products and techniques to run more efficiently, helping you avoid paying for an oversized system you don’t need – which also equals a lower utility bill
  • High-performance walls allow for more insulation, minimizing outside noise from traffic or lawn mowers to provide you with a quieter home
  • Low-E glass windows minimize heat from the sun coming through the glass to help keep your home cool throughout
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Third-party Inspections

The more eyes, the better. Unbiased inspections are performed on your new home, including the wall insulation, thermal envelope and HVAC ductwork prior to drywall installation. The duct blaster test is performed on your HVAC’s ductwork before drywall is installed to verify duct leakage is equal to or less than 3%. A blower door test is done after drywall is installed to check the tightness of the home.

With all of these measures in place, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your new home is built utilizing the latest energy-efficient building techniques and materials to help save energy and keep you comfortable in your new home, too!

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What is the HERS Index?

Every David Weekley EnergySaver™ home includes a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score indicating how well a home performs energy-wise. The HERS score is a good way to compare energy costs between new and used homes, with a lower score indicating a more energy-efficient home. In fact, each one-point decrease in the HERS score represents a 1% reduction in energy consumption.

See a Sales Consultant to learn more about our EnergySaver program in your city!
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