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Traffic Patterns: It’s All About the Movement

Traffic Patterns in a new David Weekley Home

The success of a floor plan isn’t judged by how it looks when you’re standing still or seated. The key ingredient of a great floor plan is how you move through it. Rather than hallways, our plans use other rooms as passageways. It makes rooms seem larger and improves Sight Lines.

It’s Not a One-size-fits-all Home

We design homes with traffic patterns in mind that do not interfere with the intended use of the room. And, we don’t settle for just one way into the kitchen, the heart of the home. The more ways in the merrier. A good rule of thumb is three ways in, minimum.

Move With Your New Home

While we love the thought of you moving into a new David Weekley home, we also take special pride in how easily you’ll move through it. We consider good traffic patterns a fundamental element of our floor plans and another way your new home lives as good as it looks.

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