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Windows & Light: Let There be Light!

windows & light in our new home

Aside from the practical benefits of fresh air and natural light, properly placed windows create a relationship with the exterior environment that enhances the indoor experience as well.

Windows Can Make Your Home Seem Larger

Windows can take a home from drab to dramatic in the blink of an eye. Used in the right number and proportion, windows breathe life into a new home and make the difference between an inviting space and a dreary one.

Windows & LIght in the Kitchen

Everything Works Together

Windows & Light also play a significant role in a room's perceived size, transforming a dark, claustrophobic space into an open, cheerful gathering place. Whether it’s a sunroom that brings the outside in or the scenic vista from the privacy of your Owner’s Retreat, the appropriate use of Windows & Light are fundamental to good interior design and help your new house feel like a home. 

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