Keep Things Flowing with Clean Gutters

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” While no one has yet discovered how to make it rain (or make it stop), we can control where that rainfall flows. Gutters and downspouts protect homes from wood rot, ugly water stains and even serious foundation problems. However, gutters aren’t maintenance-free and will need a bit of upkeep to help them continue doing the important task of routing water away from your home. Here’s how to keep your gutters flowing freely:

Safety First

When using a ladder, it’s always important to practice safety precautions by setting up on a level surface close enough to your eaves for a clear view inside your gutters. If you’re using an extension ladder, position it firmly against the side of your home at a safe angle. Don’t lean the ladder directly against the gutter – you’ll risk damaging it and potentially yourself, too. And, ask an adult on the ground to hold your ladder securely while you’re using it.

hose washing out gutter

Gear Up

Grab a bucket and pull on some rubber or gardening gloves. Climb your ladder and start removing all the leaves and debris from your gutter and placing in a bucket. As your bucket fills up, empty it into a larger trash can on the ground. Once the gutter looks clear, use a hose to rinse any smaller particles away – you’ll know everything’s clean when the water flowing from the downspout is clear.

If the water isn’t draining from the downspout, it may be clogged. Remove the downspout by loosening the connecting screws and pulling it away from the gutter. Spray water from the hose into the downspout until the blockage comes out and the water runs clear. Then, refasten the downspout to the gutter using the screws you removed.

Maintain a gutter cleaning schedule of twice a year – in the spring and fall – to help your home weather Mother Nature’s storms!