Signs it’s Time to Move

Home is where the heart is, but that’s not to say that sometimes the heart yearns for something different. Whether it’s more space for a growing family or something with more up-to-date features, it’s possible that a change in your lifestyle and needs may signal that it’s time to move. If you’re considering a move, here are a few factors to consider.

The Daily Grind to Work

Is your commute time extending your workday? You could make your life easier and spend more time with the kids or enjoy an afternoon run by finding a place closer to your work.

Whether your commute time has recently changed or you would rather spend your time elsewhere, either way, know that you have options. Don’t hesitate to find a new home in an area with a better commute.

man and woman taking a selfie amongst moving boxes

We All Need Space to Grow

Throughout your life, there will be changes to your space requirements. For example, a growing family might find themselves quickly outgrowing their three-bedroom home or simply want more space with an upstairs retreat for teenagers.

Alternatively, empty nesters might feel like a larger house requires too much upkeep for them. Instead, they might be looking to downsize while still having space for the grandchildren to visit. In fact, Encore by David Weekley Homes offers homes designed for Homebuyers who are 55+ seeking an active adult community. The Encore Collection welcomes a lifestyle-driven approach to home design offering the ideal balance of livability and design.

Consider the Cost of Repairs

Over time, our homes begin to show signs of the wonderful life they’ve been busy living. Much like you require regular checkups with the doctor and your car requires routine maintenance, your home will also require some repairs over time.

All repairs are not created equal, which means that sometimes things can get a bit pricey. Extensive repairs on a home may be out of your budget or might not yield the same value for you at a different point in your life. Not to worry, you have options.

Before diving in deep into home renovations, weigh the costs against those of a new home. You might find that you’ll save in the long run by changing up your living situation altogether.

Looking for a Fresh Start

It’s not uncommon to outgrow the community you’re in. Maybe all your closest neighbors have left the area, or you just don’t quite feel at home anymore. Whatever your reason may be, you might seek out a fresh start in a new community.

Finding a new home in a new place may be an option to achieve that fresh start for you and your family. With proper research, you can find an area that is the ideal fit for everyone.

Let Us Help You Find Your New Home

If you think it might be your time to move, perhaps it’s time to take a peek at what David Weekley Homes has to offer.

We have plenty of options to choose from, with something for everyone. If you’re not quite sure where to start, feel free to reach out to the Team at David Weekley Homes.