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EnergySaver™ Homes in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

In Minneapolis/St. Paul, your David Weekley EnergySaver™ home offers peace of mind knowing your new home is helping to reduce your environmental footprint while saving energy, too! Reduced energy consumption actually makes your EnergySaver home less expensive to own. In fact, our homes are on average (more than 40%) more energy efficient than a home built in 2006.

Owning Green has Never Made More Sense

Owning Green has Never Made More Sense

Your David Weekley EnergySaver home in Minneapolis/St. Paul allows you to live more comfortably, invest your housing dollars more wisely and it helps the environment – all of which can make your EnergySaver home easier to resell. It’s what we call a “win-win-win!”

Environments For Living Guaranteed Energy Savings

Environments For Living Guaranteed Energy Savings

After closing on your EnergySaver home in Minneapolis/St. Paul, you will receive a certificate that guarantees the maximum energy usage for heating and air conditioning (only), through the Environments For Living® program. This guarantee is based on your plan and the size, number of windows, etc., in your home.

Environments For Living Guaranteed Energy Savings

Environments For Living Comfort Guarantee

Environments For Living Comfort Guarantee

In addition to the energy usage guarantee, this certificate also includes a comfort guarantee that states, “no room temperature will vary more than 3 degrees from the closest thermostat.”

Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

The HERS® Index is a scoring system established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET®) that measures the energy performance of a home, and it used to compare the relative energy efficiency (and in-efficiency) of different homes. The lower your home’s HERS Index, the more energy efficient it is. Homes built in the 1970s would be in the 125-130 range on this scale. A David Weekley EnergySaver home in Minneapolis/St. Paul averages a 55 on the HERS Index!

Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

>Third-party Inspections

Third-party Inspections

The more eyes, the better. Outside companies perform unbiased inspections as part of an energy audit on your home. Your wall insulation, thermal envelope and HVAC ductwork are inspected prior to drywall installation and are a part of this audit process. Duct blaster and blower door testing is also done on each and every home.

The duct blaster test is performed on your HVAC’s ductwork to ensure that duct leakage is equal to or less than 3%. A blower door test is done to validate the air tightness of your home meets the stringent requirements of the Environments For Living Energy Efficiency Certification. These are key components in being able to offer the Energy Guarantees for your new home.

“David Weekley EnergySaver™ Homes” is a trademark of Weekley Homes, LLC, which describes certain features and criteria designed to reduce energy consumption and the resulting environmental impact. It does not infer sponsorship, approval, or affiliation with any other program or green building certification other than those specifically stated in the product features, warranty or contract. Environments For Living® is a registered service mark of TopBuild Home Services. All-electric homes may not currently qualify for Environments For Living certification or the heating and cooling usage guarantee. Actual HERS scores may vary for each home. See a David Weekley Homes Sales Consultant for details. Prices, plans, dimensions, features, specifications, materials, and availability of homes or communities are subject to change without notice or obligation. Illustrations are artist’s depictions only and may differ from completed improvements. Copyright © 2016 David Weekley Homes - All Rights Reserved. BC697545 (MSPO72019)

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