How much space do you need in your next home?

Finding the right home is definitely a process with many considerations. How much home can you afford? What community do you want to live in? How are the schools in the area? These are just a few of the questions you might be asking as you navigate through this journey. One question that may help narrow your search is how many bedrooms do you need? On the surface, the answer to this question appears simple: you’ll need as many bedrooms as people who will be living in your home. But savvy Homebuyers know there are several factors at play, and the best answer only comes after looking at all of them. Here are some things to consider:

How Long Will You Be Living in the Home?

Prospective Homebuyers must decide if they’re looking for a short- or long-term solution. If you’re interested in buying a home for more immediate purposes, you can count the number of people who will reside in your home. If you have three kids, for example, you should target four-bedroom homes. Or, if you plan on having your children share a bedroom, you can cut down on the rooms needed.

One common scenario we encounter is families looking for their forever home – the home in which they will raise their children until they move out and live on their own. In these cases, Homeowners need a place where their family can grow. If you currently have one child, but are planning for a second, you should consider a three-bedroom home. While the extra space might seem excessive now, it will be invaluable as the children get older.

children's retreat with two built in desks

Do You Need Flexibility?

It’s important to prepare for the unknown, and that can start with the home you choose. Perhaps you haven’t decided if you want children, or instead, how many you want to have. Or, maybe you’d like to have extra room for aging relatives who may live with you down the road.

If you’re preparing for potential life events or just need a little more room to breathe, it might be smart to focus on homes with an extra bedroom or FlexSpace℠. Outside of regular living space, FlexSpace℠ rooms have a variety of uses, including home offices, gyms, studios, playrooms, storage or guest

If you’re still unsure of how many bedrooms you’ll need, we’re happy to discuss the best fit for your family. Contact a David Weekley Homes sales office in your area to continue the conversation.