Does David Weekley Homes have mother-in-law suites?

Yes, David Weekley Homes offers a variety of homes with mother-in-law suites, or casitas.

The Duffie floor plan in Austin, TX - Kitchen

Mother-in-law suites, casitas, guest houses or accessory dwelling units (ADU) all refer to a growing trend in home design that includes two separate living spaces in one property. Mother-in-law suites are commonly placed above a garage, with the occupant having a separate entrance, kitchen, bathroom and living space.

These units are growing in popularity for a few reasons:

  • More older adults are moving in with their adult children. A Pew Research Center survey found that 14 percent of adults living in another person’s home are parents of the household head. That compares to just 7 percent in 1995, making the extra space and autonomy a valued addition in these arrangements.
  • Senior living communities can be expensive and stressful for aging parents. It can be difficult for aging parents to adjust to senior living communities. A mother-in-law suite allows adult children to stay connected to their parents and save money on housing, while parents can maintain a sense of independence.
  • Hosting guests or parties can provide extra income. As hospitality services like Airbnb have exploded in popularity, private home space has become a source of income for many Homeowners. A mother-in-law suite, because of its privacy, can be rented out even when Homeowners are present and not in use with family members. This secondary income can offset utility and maintenance costs or the mortgage payment.
  • Multigenerational living is on the rise. Multigenerational living refers to households with more than two generations living under the same roof. While this arrangement is common in cultures outside the U.S., it’s only recently started taking off stateside. For some, multigenerational living is a reaction to financial issues. A mother-in-law suite can provide financial relief and safety to aging parents. And for adult children, it can forge important bonds between all family members.

David Weekley Homes is attuned to the needs of these living arrangements. We’ve updated several of our home designs to feature mother-in-law suites, casitas, and other add-ons that accommodate multigenerational living or hosting guests.