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Orlando Real Estate Agents: Home Loan Processing


Loan Processing

Loan Processing

The process of finding the right financing for your Clients’ new home can be daunting. We’re here to help your Clients with all the information they need to secure the right loan for their new home.

Apply within Five Days

In order to meet Purchase Agreement requirements, Homebuyers are asked to make a loan application within five business days of the sale's effective date. This step is essential for all parties to have a successful sale and we ask for your help in making sure your Clients meet this important deadline. We will track your Clients' loan progress throughout the building or closing process to help things go smoothly.

Apply within Five Days

Loan Locks

Loan Locks

Interest rates are always changing and the decision to “lock” the buyer’s interest rate is theirs alone. A new home’s target delivery date is just an estimate. Please ensure your Clients keep this in mind when it comes to making an interest rate decision.

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