The Art of Creating Your Dream Home

floorplan layout

A floor plan is the heart of your home. From room placement to traffic patterns, your floor plan is a visual representation highlighting more than just the location of rooms, but how your home will live and feel. At David Weekley Homes, we call this LifeDesign℠, and it’s about creating the ideal balance of Sight Lines, Room Placement, Windows & Light and Traffic Patterns to ensure your home fits you.

Before choosing a floor plan, determine your overall needs first, like square footage and bedroom and bathroom count. Also, consider if you’ll need additional FlexSpace℠, such as a study because you work from home, or a Retreat to be used as a play room or hobby room. These questions will help guide and narrow down your floor plan options to fit your specific needs as a family.

The Kepley plan in Texas - Family Room

Stay Connected

As you begin looking at your favorite floor plans, picture your view from every place in the home. Does the foyer present a welcoming feel that opens up as guests enter? Consider if it’s important for you to be able to prepare a meal while engaging with guests in the Family Room. These are called Sight Lines and they help make every room — and the people inside — feel more connected.

Another key consideration is Room Placement, which will dictate how the home functions for your lifestyle. Take into account the needs of you and your family to help ensure that your home provides quiet, private Retreats, as well as welcoming public spaces where family and friends can come together.

The Azalea plan - Family Room

Imagine the Difference

Windows & Light are the eyes of your home — they let in light, create dramatic views and connect the inside spaces with the outside

The final LifeDesign component is natural Traffic Patterns, using rooms rather than hallways as passageways. This keeps spaces connected and helps your home live larger without adding unnecessary square footage.

If you’re a visual person, you can ask a Sales Consultant if they offer a 3D virtual tour for a specific floor plan to give you a better idea of how the home lives and feels. Or, you can visit the community to tour available Quick Move-in Homes and model homes.

With these tips, you’ll be able to choose the best floor plan for you and your family to live in for years to come.