How Sight Lines Improve Your Home

Sight Lines can make all the difference in how big your home feels, whether you're looking for a sprawling estate, a cozy cottage, or something in between. This key aspect of the David Weekley Homes LifeDesign℠ concept provides clear views that can expand a home of any size.

Sight Lines

Keep up with Kids and Guests

Sight Lines allow you to stay in one place and still see everyone – and everything – going on in the main living areas. Whether you need to keep an eye on the youngest residents in the Family Room, or continue the conversation with visiting friends and loved ones while you make a quick trip to the kitchen, ease of movement and increased visibility are details we incorporate into our home designs.

Imagine the Difference

Visualizing the home is an important part of choosing the right floor plan for you and yours. Imagine your view from every place in the home. Does the foyer present a welcoming feel that opens up as guests enter? Picture yourself next to your deluxe kitchen island. Do the Sight Lines offer an open view of the dining space, the Family Room, and the backyard?

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