Updated March 13, 2023

New Home Warranty

At David Weekley Homes, we know the true test of a top home builder comes after you get the keys to your new home. Read on to learn about our commitment to providing you with outstanding Customer Service and support through our warranty program.

If you are an existing David Weekley Homeowner looking to contact our Warranty Services Team, you can do so through your personal buyer website at: http://www.MyDWHome.com or by filling out a Warranty Service Request form at: https://www.davidweekleyhomes.com/contact/warrantyrequest

Table of Contents

Why Our New Home Warranty Is So Robust

What Our New Home Warranty Covers

Warranty Walk-throughs

Making Warranty Service Requests

Warranty Emergencies

Warranty Service Response Time

Why Our New Home Warranty Is So Robust

Our new home warranty helps our Homeowners long after moving in to their new home
David Weekley Homeowners* Moving into Their New David Weekley Home (*one of the pictured Homeowners is also a David Weekley Homes Team Member)

After the moving van has left, new home builders are put to the test. What happens after you get the keys to your brand-new home? At David Weekley Homes, we know the “happily ever after” part is the most important chapter of our story.

That’s why we have dedicated an entire department to our industry-leading, multi-level warranty program. As a new Homeowner, your personal Warranty Service Representative will be here to meet your needs long after closing.

After closing the warranty team gave me a walkthrough and maintenance review to help me keep my home in proper condition. I felt that most of the work involved in building and moving into a new home/community were made simple and easy due to the David Weekley team. I continue to feel looked after and part of the community due to the team and their concern.
Karen B., St. Augustine, FL

What Our New Home Warranty Covers

We build homes that win awards for quality construction and innovative design, but what really makes our homes special is our industry-leading warranty. We back what we build in three levels:

Level 1:

Our Team of Warranty Service Representatives are here to help
Two David Weekley Homes Warranty Service Representatives Comparing Notes

After you close, you're covered by the David Weekley Homes one-year limited warranty, plus the appliance manufacturers’ warranties. This coverage includes defects in workmanship and materials for a year, excluding cosmetic items. A few examples of cosmetic items are paint, cracked caulking and drywall cracks. Your very own Warranty Service Representative who is assigned to your home will even conduct a walk-through just shy of your one-year anniversary to ensure your home is still in tip-top shape.

Level 2:

Our two-year mechanical systems warranty covers plumbing, electrical, central air conditioning and heating systems.

Level 3:

Should your David Weekley home experience any major structural defects during your first 10 years, that’s covered too. This includes items such as foundation, structural columns and load-bearing walls.

Warranty Walk-throughs

Your scheduled warranty walk-throughs provide an opportunity to point out concerns and ask questions
A David Weekley Homeowner Asks Their Warranty Service Representative a Question

Our Warranty Service Representatives conduct an all-encompassing warranty walk-through before Homeowners even close on their homes.

During their walk-through, our Warranty Service Representatives go over a punch list of warranty-related items as a standard part of our quality assurance practices. Our Customer’s satisfaction with a world-class product is of the upmost importance – that’s the Weekley Way!

From the moment you move into your new home, you can begin thinking of your Warranty Service Representative as your personal liaison, who will continue to be there to help answer questions and address concerns or issues that may arise.

Making Warranty Service Requests

In addition to your scheduled warranty walk-throughs, our new home warranty allows you to request warranty service for unexpected issues
A David Weekley Homes Warranty Service Representative Following Up on a Warranty Service Request

Homeowners can quickly and easily submit warranty requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Choose from speaking directly with your dedicated Warranty Service Representative or submitting a request through your personal Homebuyer website. Our Homeowner Warranty Service Representatives are here to provide all the support necessary to preserve the longevity of your new home.

Submit a Warranty Service Request through your personal Homebuyer website at: http://www.MyDWHome.com or by filling out a Warranty Service Request form or calling the phone number at: https://www.davidweekleyhomes.com/contact/warrantyrequest

Just the Facts

When contacting the Warranty Department, include specific details. Saying there’s a problem with the water is less helpful than saying the downstairs half-bath faucet won’t stop running. Be sure to provide:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Contact information (two phone numbers are better than one)
  • A detailed description of the problem
  • Photos, if possible

Warranty Emergencies

While it might feel like a broken ice maker is an emergency during a dinner party, under the warranty terms, it’s a non-emergency. Warranty items classified as an emergency include:

  • Gas leak
  • Roof leak
  • Total loss of:
    • Air Conditioning and Heating
    • Electricity
    • Water

Warranty Service Response Time

Our industry-leading new home warranty enhances our Homeowners’ lives
A David Weekley Homeowner Happy with the Outcome of Their Warranty Service Request

The David Weekley Homes Warranty Department is proud of our response time. Per our guidelines, you can expect:

  • A response to the initial request within 24 hours during business hours, Monday through Friday
  • An appointment within seven days of the request


An emergency or after-hours emergency request should receive a response within one hour and a solution as soon as possible.

David Weekley Homes wants to give you peace of mind knowing that we have a dedicated Team working behind-the-scenes to help. If you ever need us, we will be there for you. That’s the Weekley Way!