Make Your Home Live Large

We’re channeling some of the best ideas to help make the most of your space. Take a look at a few design solutions to help with creating a more spacious abode.

The Wrenwood in Denver, CO - Family Room

Don’t Tip the Scale

It seems logical to think that smaller-scale furniture will instantly make a room seem larger, but the truth is that undersized furnishings leave awkward empty spaces that draw more attention to the size of your room. To combat this, choose furniture that fits the room, which will make your space feel bigger. Introduce exposed furniture legs in lieu of a boxy skirt on items like sofas or chairs to create an airy feel, or opt for glass and lucite tables or end tables that won’t take up much visual space.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a great way to elevate a room as they reflect light. Incorporate a large, framed mirror above your sofa or headboard, or a few furniture pieces with mirrored panels to give the impression of a larger room. Another way to produce this illusion is by placing a mirror across from a window or strategically angling your mirror toward a focal point like a fireplace or window.

The Darlington in Phoenix, AZ - Retreat

Say Goodbye to Heavy Window Treatments

Add visual height by hanging curtains 6 to 12 inches above your windows, which makes your ceiling look higher and your windows larger. Steer clear of elaborate or heavy window treatments, or leave your windows uncovered altogether to allow more light to enter. If you’re worried about privacy, Roman shades or blinds allow for privacy while maintaining a feeling of openness.

Add an Anchor

Instead of making do with a small-scale rug floating in the middle of your room, splurge on an appropriately sized rug that will give the impression of more square footage. A good rule of thumb is to extend the floor covering at least 6 inches beyond the edge of your furniture to avoid having your space look choppy and fragmented. And try to include a pattern with small repeats or a striped rug that coincides with the length of your room to further elongate the space.

Let There Be Multiple Lights

Add warmth and dimension with a layered lighting plan. When considering this final stage of design, it’s important to have some tried and true options like recessed can lights in the ceiling or a showstopping chandelier over the dining room table. Also plan for decorative task lighting, such as a side table lamp in your Family Room, or undercabinet lighting in your kitchen.

With the right combination an of lighting, mirrors, rugs and furniture you’ll easily fashion the appearance of a grander space – no matter the size of your home!