Interior Design State of Mind

While there’s no shortage of TV shows touting farmhouse-inspired décor and shiplap walls as today’s go-to style, the rugged and unfinished look of industrial design has actually claimed the top honors for home design styles that people around the nation are looking up.

This information, based on Google Trends data from June 2018 to May 2019, looked at the most searched-for interior design trends in each state. The report named the 15 different styles topping the list across the country. Click on the image of your state to see what’s trending where you live!

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Minimalist – Oregon

Follow the number one rule to minimal décor – less is more – by:

  • Allowing visual texture of unique walls or floors to take center stage
  • Incorporating smaller seating options like chairs or an ottoman that serves double duty for storage
  • Focusing on subdued hues in ecru tones from biscuit to griege


The Bryson floor plan in Portland, OR

Eclectic – Washington

Eclectic style incorporates various decorating genres like industrial and modern to create cohesiveness by:

  • Combining styles and periods with furniture, accessories and fabrics
  • Adding rough and smooth textures/materials for interest on rugs, pillows, fabrics and furniture
  • Picking one go-to neutral background color


Asian Zen – Colorado

Asian Zen interiors instantly evoke serenity and peacefulness with:

  • Relaxing colors of nature, soft cream, elegant gray and light blues on walls and furniture
  • Combining accent hues of purple, red, black and gold
  • Adding a water feature


Industrial - Utah, North Carolina, Arizona

The combination of utilitarian design with raw textures and aged elements is a tell-tale sign of industrial style inspired by:

  • Introducing raw materials like metal, glass and reclaimed wood
  • Combining unfinished materials with architectural details like brick walls or beams
  • Mixing various stainless-steel accents – from the stair railing and furniture details to fixtures and accents


The Sunnyside floor plan in Jacksonville, FL

Coastal – Florida, South Carolina

Coastal style brings the vision of beach living to life in your home with a mixture of such elements as:

  • Painting the walls in hues of white, tranquil seafoam green or sand
  • Putting shiplap wood planking or white beadboard on a single wall or ceiling
  • Creating casual seating with wicker arm chairs, slipcovered sofas or chairs in white or taupe


Rustic – Georgia, Indiana

If a casual space with natural and aged highlights speaks to your tastes, you probably love everything that rustic style is about, like:

  • Adding natural materials and raw fabrics, including wood, stone or burlap
  • Going big with oversized furniture in a simple design and shape
  • Bringing together an earthy palette of greens, browns and grays


Mid-century Modern – Minnesota

If you find yourself fawning over the TV show Mad Men to see mid-century modern décor in all its glory, you’re likely also intrigued by interiors with:

  • Flowing lines on sofas, tables and chairs
  • Showcasing pendant lighting with geometric shapes or a sunburst mirror
  • Incorporating wood furniture with clean lines and tapered legs


Vintage – Texas

Vintage-style decorating uses items from the past to for a warm, nostalgic look by:

  • Creating distressed finishes on furniture or wood accents
  • Using romantic fabrics with florals
  • Displaying collections or accents like antique items, skeleton keys or old postcards


The Cambrone floor plan in Dallas, TX

Urban Modern – Tennessee

A home with urban modern influences has light and airy spaces that take full advantage of:

  • Soothing neutrals and warm tones
  • Putting organic elements on display with plants or natural fabrics on pillows
  • Adding one statement piece – from artwork or lighting to a raw-edge wooden sofa table