Tips for Selecting the Right Artwork

Shopping for wall art can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the plethora of art options available. From portraits to landscapes to still-lifes to patterns, there are a multitude of art subjects, not to mention choices in frames, canvases and other mediums like glass or fabric. But don’t let the countless options overwhelm you or stop you from choosing wall art. Here are a few tips to get your home’s art collection started.

Picture Perfect Match

When selecting art for a room that is already decorated, your first step is to match your color scheme. You don’t want to buy anything, no matter how beautiful, only to get it home and it clashes with everything in the room. If your home is warm and neutral, pick a piece with a little color to create balance. If the room is already vivid, select a piece with minimal color to complement the space. It’s a good idea to bring swatches of the colors that are in your room when you go to purchase your art so you can ensure it will work well with the existing hues.

Also, be mindful that the theme of the artwork does not clash with the theme in the room. In other words, a portrait of dogs playing poker won’t work well in a formal dining room. A room decorated with a sports theme shouldn’t have an oil painting of a floral bouquet hanging on the wall.

Set the Mood

How do you want your home to feel when you enter it… kid friendly and family oriented, cultured and well-traveled or fun and free-spirited? Depending on your answer, the art you choose is a great way to set the mood for any room in the house.

Find the Right Fit

The general rule is to cover about ¾ of a large wall with your artwork. A common math trick to use for a wall of any size is to multiply your wall space (in inches) by .57. So, if your area is 40 inches, your art should be about 22 inches wide. Large blank walls need larger wall art or medium-to-small pieces grouped together to fill the space, where smaller wall spaces need smaller art to not overwhelm the eye.

Make it Personal

The most important aspect when choosing art for your home is to make sure it represents you and your family. This could mean that a piece reflects your family’s tastes, traditions, hobbies or interests. While you want to make sure that the art goes with the colors and theme of a room, it should also represent who you and your family are. Choosing artwork that is more personal will exude a more special feeling to your décor. You don’t have to be an art aficionado to select the perfect pieces for your home, but with a little time and planning, the art you select can brighten your home and become quite the conversation piece for friends and family. For more decorating tips and trends, check out David Weekley Homes on Pinterest by clicking here.