Bring Your Vacation Alive in Your Home

After a fun vacation, you often return home bearing memories, various souvenirs and a cell phone filled with amazing photos from the trip. While getting back into the grind of your daily routine may leave you wishing you could remember what it felt like to escape from it all, the treasures you collected from your trips can provide you with thrilling flashbacks to your grand adventures. Take a look at how you can see the sights all over again within your own home décor.

pin board with travel souvenirs on it

Unpack Your Travel Paper Trail

Chances are you’ve amassed a vast compilation of pictures from your travels, as well as ticket stubs from various activities and probably even have some foreign currency. You can exhibit these flat items by placing them in float frames or shadow boxes and hanging them. If you have numerous travel items to showcase, consider having a travel gallery wall to serve as an accent wall.

Attaching your pictures and other various mementos to a corkboard is also an option. Take it a step further by painting a travel-related design on the corkboard to add extra pizazz.

If you have a glasstop display case table, utilize its surface to show your flat mementos by placing them beneath the glass. If you don’t have a glasstop table, you can also be crafty and decoupage your thin paper mementos onto the surface of a tabletop. In addition, you can apply varnish to paper souvenirs for a fun addition on coasters, glass bowls or glass trinket trays.

glass jar with sand and seashells in it

Rooms With a View

For your small, non-paper tokens from your travels, such as shells, rocks, sand and coins, put them on display in a cute way by placing them in mason jars. Then, set the memory jars on a counter, shelf or mantel, or mount them on the wall. Keep adding to the jars with every trip as you see fit.

If you collect mugs and keychains from your travels (and don’t drink enough coffee each day to use every mug nor have enough keys to place one on every keychain), create a special display wall of hooks or use a pegboard to hang them.

Bring your travel memories to the holiday season by placing small knick-knacks into clear ornament balls and hang from the Christmas tree. Go all in by creating a holiday tree dedicated solely to your travels if you have a multitude of souvenir ornaments.

By mixing souvenirs with your décor, your home will become a memory book of your exciting trips.