Get Blooming with Native Plants

Warmer temperatures are here and that means it’s the ideal time for landscaping in your yard! Whether it’s updating your flower beds or replacing a few bushes that didn’t fare well in the winter weather, native plants are a great option that will make you the envy of your neighbors with standout landscaping.

gloved hands with a small shovel putting soil around a small, green plant in a garden

Plant the Seed

Found naturally growing in your state, region or climate, native plants are an ideal choice if you don’t have a particularly green thumb. Here are a few reasons they make a great addition to landscaping:

  • Easy to grow – known for being low-fuss and hardy, this vegetation flourishes because it’s indigenous to the area and easily adapts to local conditions
  • Less time and money – say goodbye to buying and applying fertilizers and insecticides as native plants aren’t susceptible to diseases
  • Attract wildlife – restore the local ecosystem with plants that provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies and wildlife

Here’s the Dirt

We’ve got a few suggestions for few hardy and low-maintenance choices for various regions of the United States:

  • Midwest – The Gray-headed Coneflower, which can grow to three feet in height, blooms all summer and doesn’t require much water
  • Southeast – Add an elegant presence in a shady spot with Frosted Violet Coral Bells sporting tiny pink blooms punctuated by rich leaves in hues of purple, silver and dark green
  • Southwest – Cacti are an obvious choice for a dry climate, but the Yellow Columbine is also heat-tolerant and its yellow blooms attract hummingbirds
  • Tropical – Clusters of glossy, purple berries hug American Beautyberry branches in the fall and winter and are a valuable wildlife food source
  • Mountains – The Pasqueflower blooms early in the spring with silver foliage and purple blossoms remaining through early summer

Instead of picking shrubs that just look nice, do a little research to introduce the right native plants that are sure to be a blooming success with a unique display of flora that’s also great for the environment!