Considerations for Second-time Buyers

At David Weekley Homes, we value our second-time Homebuyers just as much as our first-time buyers. And while we can appreciate that this isn’t your first rodeo, we want this home buying experience to be just as memorable, if not more, than your first.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of ideas to ensure you have a game plan for success as you navigate through this journey to find a new place to call home.

model of house with a piggy bank next to it and coins

Start Saving

As a second-time Homebuyer, you already know that you will need the funds for a down payment. While selling your first home can help with the down payment on your second home, you may need to also have some additional funds set aside for your purchase, too. The best way to prepare is to set a budget that is manageable for you and your family and stick to it. Take a look at these tips to help.

Selling Your Current Home

Speaking of selling your first home, let’s talk a little more about this process. The ideal scenario is that the sale of your first home and the purchase of your second home are handled in a seamless transition. However, the reality is that there are many moving parts on both ends.

The safest way to handle this is by selling your first home first, as in, complete closing before purchasing your second home. While it’s not ideal and could require you to find some interim housing or move your belongings to a storage unit temporarily, it can help alleviate navigating this balancing act.

You’ll also need to think about items that need attention or “sprucing” up in your current home to help it to sell quickly. Take a look at some suggestions here.

stack of cardboard moving boxes near an interior door

Get Packing

When you purchase your first home, you usually come from an apartment or housing situation with a much smaller footprint. As such, you have less to move. Alternatively, when you move from your first home to your second home, you’ll often find that you’ve accumulated more.

To help expedite your move, make a schedule and get organized. Think about whether you want to hire a mover to handle moving all your belongings, or maybe just the larger furniture pieces.

If you plan to move yourself, consider purchasing items to facilitate the process like a mover’s dolly, a set of furniture sliders, moving blankets, box cutters and tools. These items will certainly come in handy by ensuring a smooth move and an easy unpacking to get quickly acclimated in your new dream home.

At David Weekley Homes, we are here to help Homebuyers through all stages of their life, including the exciting time of purchasing a second home.