Picture-perfect Furniture Placement

Transforming any room from a hodgepodge collection of furnishings to a well-designed and functional space doesn’t require studying a pile of books or spending hours with cut-outs and graph paper to craft a beautifully-appointed room. With these easy furniture design tips, you can create a room that looks like you hired a professional decorator.

The Kahnemanii floorplan in Orlando, FL

Focal Point

Plan your furniture arrangement around the focal point of your room, such as a fireplace, window with a scenic view or TV. If it’s a room where everyone will watch the season finale of your favorite show or the big game, the main attraction will be the TV, whereas a room designed for screen-free leisure time might place the emphasis on a piece of art or a central table.

Key Furnishings

Whether it’s an eclectic assortment you’ve collected here-or-there, or a pristine set featuring a matching design, furniture will help establish the way a room feels. Your largest piece of furniture – such as a sofa or table – should be placed first. In most cases, these essential pieces will face the focal point of the room, with smaller pieces completing the layout.

The Anne floorplan in Phoenix, AZ

Traffic Flow

Consider how people will move around in the space, including a pathway to get in and out of the room. A good rule of thumb is to direct traffic around a seating area – not through the middle. A comfortable seating arrangement will present two paths in and out of the space, including one that opens to the entryway to create a welcoming atmosphere.

From Room to Room

Open-concept homes present unique opportunities for furniture arrangement. Think about how you want your family and guests to move and interact between the kitchen, dining and living areas. By placing an importance on an open arrangement and similar style furnishings, you can make the areas feel like one continuous, transitioning space.

With a little planning, you can craft a room that’s ideal for your needs and lifestyle. Remember that of the most important decisions to consider is how the space will be used. Whether it’s entertaining or relaxing, these design hints will help you understand how to arrange furniture to give your home a polished look!