From Spare Room to Crafting Sanctuary

Longing to have a spot to unwind and embrace your creativity? If you enjoy releasing your imagination with DIY and crafting projects, but have limited your workspace to the kitchen table, consider transforming a spare room into a dedicated craft room with these ideas.

collection of art/painting supplies

An Ace Workspace

There are some furniture must-haves you’ll need, like a large, durable table to serve as your workspace, allowing for plenty of room to create your masterpieces and house your needed supplies. You’ll also want a comfortable chair that you will not mind sitting in for several hours as you work on crafts. Good lighting is also key, so you may need to add some bright task lamps throughout the room so you can adequately see the items you’re putting together.

Operation: Organization

You’ll likely accumulate an assortment of tools and supplies the more you craft, so you’ll need places to store all those materials. Consider installing vertical shelves that take up minimal space while keeping everything visible and easily accessible. With a pegboard, you can hang various supplies, including ones you use frequently, like scissors or a glue gun, so they’re easy to grab.

To save more space, place items inside buckets or cups, and fasten them to the wall with hooks. For storing larger items, such as scrapbook paper, yarn, sheets of felt, ribbon and paint, place them in moveable bins, baskets or crates. For smaller objects, such as pens, spools of thread, markers and paintbrushes, think about using glass jars or cups.

An Inspiration Station

The way your crafting room looks is critical for a calming and imaginative space. Decorating the room in bright, energizing colors and displaying art on the walls, which can include pieces you’ve created, is sure to spark creativity.

In addition, it may be helpful to have a chalkboard or dry-erase board hanging in the room to write down project possibilities, add a to-do list or display quotes that encourage you. Having a bulletin board to tack up stimulating pictures that can easily be changed out will also provide fresh ideas.

By gearing a room specifically to crafting, you’ll find the peace and inspiration to really let those creative juices flow!