The Roadmap to Building Your New Home

According to the latest data from the 2018 US Census Bureau, the average completion time for a single-family home is around eight months. However, there are many factors that can influence this time frame, including the weather. Read on to learn more about our 10 home building steps – from groundbreaking to closing – on a new David Weekley home.

three people wearing hard hats in construction site

Stage 1: Foundation Complete

  • The homesite is prepared and the foundation is formed
  • In-slab plumbing is installed, and the concrete is poured

Stages 2 – 3: Frame and Shingles Complete

  • Exterior and interior walls, floors and roof rafters in place
  • Decking, flashing, shingles and windows are installed
  • Sheathing is applied to roof and walls, then covered in a protective barrier known as a house wrap to prevent water from leaking inside

Stages 4 – 5: Insulation and Drywall Complete

  • Plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation, air conditioning and heating equipment are installed
  • Exterior and interior wall surfaces are covered
  • Insulation installed in the walls
  • Drywall hung

Stages 6 – 8: Interior Trim, Doors Complete and Kitchen and Vanity Tops Installed

  • Interior doors, cabinets, moldings, built-in shelves and other carpentry completed
  • Countertops, flooring and wall tile placed
  • Plumbing and light fixtures connected
  • Exterior finishes progressing like walkway, driveway or brick

Stage 9: Personal Builder℠ Completes the Home

  • Thorough clean up to get ready for moving day
  • Personal Builder and others on the David Weekley Homes Team inspect home
  • Anything that does not meet our strict quality standards is noted and corrected
  • A final walk-through of your home is scheduled to familiarize yourself with all the unique features and systems

Stage 10: Accept Home

  • Final walk through with building Team
  • Construction of your home is officially complete
  • Cleaned and ready for Homebuyer Introduction Meeting

This timeline provides an overview of what to expect during each stage of the process. Plus, you can count on your home building Team to keep you actively informed and help you stay on top of things throughout your building journey. We even provide a personal buyer site where you can view photos of your home’s progress, receive maintenance tips, research your design selections and more.