Updated October 3, 2023

Inspiring Ways to Repurpose a Spare Room

If there’s a spare room in your home, you have a great opportunity to use it to showcase your interests and personality. A spare room doesn’t have to be an extra bedroom. It can evolve to serve a variety of purposes over time, and the possibilities are endless! Consider these ideas to transform these spaces, turning them into places you’ll enjoy using and spending time in.

Turn That Extra Room Into a Serene Study

A well-lit study with an accent wall in a David Weekley model home in McKinney, TX.
A study in The Hastin David Weekley model home

If you work from home or simply need a space to indulge in some “me” time to peruse the internet, you can transform your spare room into a study to soak up some privacy. In addition to a desk, think about adding a fresh coat of wall paint, lamps, bookshelves and a whiteboard to jot down your to-do list or creative ideas. Customize the room with artwork and a decorative area rug.

Gear Up and Get Fit in a Home Gym in That Spare Room

If you’re inspired to get up and get moving, a home gym might be the right fit. Move that stationary bike out of the garage, add a few weights or a treadmill and start training in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re more of a yogi, create a calming retreat by installing dimmers on the lights, bringing in a portable speaker so you can listen to soothing sounds, and adding the final touches for perfecting your downward dog with a yoga mat and oversized pillows.

Repurpose the Extra Room Into a Book Nook

If reading is your hobby, a home library is a must-have. Depending on whether you’re a traditionalist or an e-reader, you may need several shelves for book storage. Whatever your reading method, a cozy sit-down space is non-negotiable – preferably by a window to soak in plenty of natural light.

You may also want to consider creating a coffee or tea bar to create a comfy atmosphere. Be sure to place a lamp near your cushy armchair to ensure you won’t strain your eyes as you stay up for that late night “just one more chapter!”

Uncork the Fun in a Spare-Room-Turned-Wine-Cellar

Maybe you’re a wine connoisseur and have dreamed about creating a wine cellar. Get started by adding a wine refrigerator, wine racks and a seating area – complete with a wine barrel table and barstools.

Add a bit of ambience with an accent wall of faux brick or stone. Top off the space with wine and cocktail artwork, and stock the bar to set the mood for a nice glass of Merlot or a cocktail.

Make That Extra Room a Crafting Sanctuary

An organized craft room with an accent wall in a David Weekley model home in Tomball, TX.
A craft room in The Omaha David Weekley model home

If you’ve been limiting your creative workspace to the kitchen table, consider turning your spare room into a dedicated craft room. Start by setting up a large, durable table and a chair you can comfortably sit in for several hours, and ensure the room is well-lit.

Be sure to add storage space for your supplies, such as vertical shelves, a pegboard with hooks or moveable bins. Complete the room by decorating it in vibrant colors to spark creativity. Read more about creating a craft room here.

“Sew” Much to Love in a Spare Room That’s a Sewing Studio

For those who specifically enjoy sewing, quilting, knitting or crocheting, designing a dedicated space where you can stay focused is an option. Storage options where your materials are visible will work best, so you can easily choose what you need for a project and don’t end up purchasing something you already have. If you prefer your fabric or yarn stacked, open cube shelves or bookshelves are a great storage option.

If you’re working with a smaller space, you may decide to hang your fabrics in the closet using clip hangers. You can also use valuable closet space to store yarn with a hanging closet organizer – just sort by color in each compartment, using multiple organizers as necessary.

Feel the Rhythm in a Musical Spare Room

Perhaps you need a space to practice playing an instrument, such as a piano or guitar, or just want a private sanctuary to listen to your favorite tunes. It can be incredibly relaxing to get lost in the rhythm of a song, but the rest of the household may not be as keen on hearing your sweet beat, so make sure to soundproof the room. If your spare room has hard floors, layer a large area rug over a rug pad to absorb vibrations and sound – especially if you’re on an upper floor of your home.

Keep It “Reel” With a Home Theater in That Extra Room

Those who’d prefer the privacy and comfort of their own home to stream the latest blockbusters rather than going out to the local movie theater can create their own cinema. Set the scene with a high-quality TV or projector, sound system, dimmable lights, and comfortable sofas or recliners.

To limit distractions, hang blackout curtains over any windows and soundproof the space. Complete the cinematic experience by adorning the walls with posters of your favorite flicks and adding a popcorn maker and a mini fridge so drinks are easily accessible.

Create a Fun Extra Room by Making It a Kids’ Playroom

A decorated kids’ playroom with toys in a David Weekley model home in South Jordan, UT.
A kids’ playroom in The Firmont David Weekley model home

Help keep the rest of your home decluttered with a space that’s solely meant for your kids’ toys and activities. Add a bit of whimsy with a bright wall color and personalize the room by tailoring the room’s theme to your children’s interests.

Equip the room with washable, easy-care furniture and storage options that suit their height. Other ideas include a chalkboard wall, bean bags and a bookshelf. Read more about how to create the ultimate kid zone by clicking here.

A Paw-some Spare Room for Fur-babies

If your “baby” has four legs and is furry, you can create a safe haven for your pet where they will feel secure. Easy care flooring like tile is a great option, along with essentials like a pet bed, water bowl and toys. Make it a cute space by displaying photos with your pooch, animal artwork or by painting paw prints on the walls.

Get Your Game on in That Extra Room

Board game enthusiasts can avoid feeling cramped and uncomfortable at the kitchen table during game nights with a room that’s furnished with a spacious table accompanied by cushy chairs. Plus, you can install bookshelves to put your impressive board game collection on display.

If you want to unwind with an indoor sport and engage in some friendly competition with your friends, consider installing a ping pong, foosball, air hockey or pool table. Place a decorative rug underneath the game table to anchor the space, and set up a mini fridge for entertaining.

If you prefer to play games online or via a console, equip the room with a large desk and adjustable gaming chair. Putting up blackout curtains can help prevent daytime glare on your screen.

Whatever your hobby, with just a little brainstorming and set-up time, you can craft a personalized space in your home where you can escape for a little “you” time every day of the year. While there’s numerous options for repurposing a spare room in your home, it’s best to think about what will most satisfy your needs and lifestyle.

And if your needs and interests change over time, you can always repurpose it into something new! That’s why David Weekley Homes floor plans are designed to grow with your family and adapt to your changing needs. Life’s transitions no longer require remodeling or moving since David Weekley homes offer flexibility to grow and adapt as you experience changes in your lifestyle.

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