Are Quartz Countertops Best for You

Yes, quartz countertops are an option for David Weekley Homeowners.

Quartz countertops have been steadily gaining popularity in interior design because of the material’s versatility. Quartz countertops are not only a beautiful home feature — their durability makes them a reliable addition that can be counted on for years to come.

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It’s reasonable to assume that quartz countertops are made entirely of quartz, but that isn’t entirely accurate. Quartz countertops are primarily made of ground quartz, one of the strongest minerals in the world. The rest of the product is a combination of polyester resins, glass and metal. This factory-engineered product gives quartz countertops the strength of the natural mineral along with the stylistic variation to satisfy a variety of tastes.

It can’t be denied that natural stone offers an attractive finish to a kitchen. Granite and marble are among the most common natural stones to be used in these areas, but the sensitive nature of those stones has made them a problematic choice for many Homeowners.

Natural stone is vulnerable to stains and bacteria growth — requiring Homeowners to seal countertops on a consistent basis. Failure to properly seal natural stone can lead to a number of headaches, including permanent stains from grease, cleaning products and even water in just a matter of minutes.

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The quartz composite used for countertops is a nonporous material, which prevents stains, bacteria and mold from taking hold. And you won’t have to worry about sealing. Quartz countertops can be cleaned and maintained with gentle cleaning supplies.

One of the main reasons that quartz continues to rise in popularity is because the product has improved over time from an aesthetic standpoint. Where they used to be limited to just a few colors, patterns and finishes, quartz countertops now come in a wide selection of designs, allowing Homeowners more flexibility in their final choice. No matter your personal taste, you can find the right quartz product for your ideal interior design.

The durability, beauty and easy maintenance of quartz makes it a great option for homeowners looking to make a big impact on their home.