The Secret Ingredient to a Great Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the most popular gathering spot in a home. Whether it’s a family meal at the table, friends gathered around the island during a party or preparing a quick snack using the countertops, scoop up these ideas to maximize the look and function of this busy space.

Low Contrast, High Impact

White is king when it comes to creating the illusion of space. However, if the thought of this light hue makes you uneasy, opt for a monochromatic color scheme with hues from the same color value to achieve the desired result. For example, a soft tan cabinet color paired with an ivory countertop creates the illusion of space with built-in camouflage. By eliminating the sudden shift from dark to light in a space, you’ll instantly make the room seem larger and brighter.

Open the Cabinetry

Cabinetry is a major focal point in the kitchen and dark cabinets in particular can take up a lot of visual room. Adding glass fronts to your upper cabinets adds transparency and lightness. Adding glass fronts to your upper cabinetry allows you to see through the cabinet. And, as a bonus, it’s a great way to display attractive dinnerware without losing valuable storage space. Another idea is to forego ornate raised door panels, and instead, select a simple flat-panel door. Leaving off the hardware will also trick the eye into thinking the kitchen is roomier.

Let There Be Light

Don’t forget about the importance of great lighting. While a dark space will visually shrink a space, a room with both natural and well-placed recessed lighting or fixtures will go a long way to set the mood. Don’t forget to shed light on areas such as the island with pendant lighting. Adding lighting under, above and inside the cabinets will work wonders to make the room feel brighter and bigger.

Back (splash) to Basics

Forget about selecting a tile for your backsplash in a show-stopping color. Instead, choose a tile color that blends in with the wall color to instantly make the walls taller. Another way to put your backsplash to work for you is by utilizing glass or mirror mosaic tile or stainless steel, which will reflect the light and add depth and a subtle sheen.

Magic of Flooring

The foundation of any space is the flooring and the kitchen is no exception. Instead of the standard 12-inch tile, install larger, 18- or 24-inch tile on the diagonal for a more fluid and airier appearance with fewer grout lines. You'll also create the illusion of a wider space with flooring in three-inch or wider planks – not narrower strips that tend to look busier and smaller. Whether your taste is the new tile that looks like wood or laminate, you’ll create the illusion of a wider by running them parallel along the longest wall in your room.

Make your heart of the home a place that is everything you need – and want – so you can cook up a space where you’ll enjoy many meals and memories!