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The standout look of black and white designs are definitely making an impact, but you might be wondering just where and how to add some of these concepts in your own home. Take a look at a few ways to create this classic look in your home.

The Augustine Floorplan in Houston, TX - Kitchen

Cookin’ Up Style in the Kitchen

Considered the heart of the home, your kitchen is usually the place everyone ends up gathering at the end of the day. Whether you’re ready for a complete kitchen remodel or you’re just looking for a few ideas to help spruce up your space, these updates will add a unique blend of modern and cozy by:

  • Updating kitchen chairs with the addition of a black banquette and white pillows
  • Making a statement with black appliances
  • Adding black lower cabinetry with white uppers
  • Integrating black and white geometric accent tile on the backsplash or behind the stovetop
  • Featuring a single bank of black cabinetry adjacent to all-white cabinetry
The Ballerini Floorplan in Houston, TX - Owner's Bath


Squeaky Clean Bathroom Designs

If you’re looking to try out a black and white design in a smaller area of your home, you might want to consider the bathroom. Here are a few fun black and white inspired bathroom design concepts guaranteed to up the wow factor by:

  • Incorporating black grout with white subway tile
  • Accenting the space above the sink with a black decorative mirror
  • Hanging a black chandelier for a bit of elegance
  • Including graphic black and white shower tile
  • Pairing a black vanity with white countertops


While black might feel like an unlikely color for bathroom walls, it can actually create a more intimate feel. You can also accent black walls with white molding for a striking look. Plus, gain even more style with white towels to complete the look with a crisp contrast.

These design ideas are sure to make your home a style standout with the addition of this classic color combination into your décor.